About Us


I am Tina, the founder and creator of Nutty Scoopz in Jacksonville FL. And I am obsessed with immune system health and my fur babies of course! My journey here started with a 20 year nursing career in Smithfield Ky. I created Nutty Scoopz as a functional snack food to decrease the damaging effects of inflammation and disease processes that riddled my health. I went from a 20 year nursing career to a debilitating disability. Which then led me to move to Jacksonville FL. Far from my family and friends. I started my company before covid 19 as a way to help others find healthier snack food options without the damaging effects of sugar. I desire to have financial freedom once again and need to leave a legacy for my children that will become more than a disability. Because we are living this life together, part of the proceeds go to community outreach. And a certain portion also goes to benefit the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary. Welcome to the Snack Pak!