About Us


Meet Tina Parks, creator, and founder of Nutty Scoopz. Tina is passionate about healthy snacks. Nutty Scoopz was born out of this passion.  After her 20-year nursing career, she relocated to Jacksonville, FL as part of an overall plan to improve her own health.  These peanut butter dips were born out of her kitchen as a healthier snack food without the damaging effects of sugar.  What could possibly taste better than sugar?  We're glad you asked.  The not-so-secret sugar replacement is monk fruit. It has no impact on the glycemic index, no calories, and does not cause inflammation in the body.

In addition to Tina's healthier snack options, giving back to the community is one of the most important pillars of her company. Portions of the proceeds go to both community outreach and Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary. She loves the sanctuary so much that you'll often find her volunteering there when she isn't churning one of her many peanut butter dip flavors.

Tina has a heart for helping others. Her artisan-crafted, sugar-free, handmade healthy dips and nut butters do that.  Her company is a 100% disability-women-owned enterprise. With affiliations with the WFA, Jax Bridges, SCORE, and the SBA.  She has dreams for Nutty Scoopz to one day be a legacy she can leave to her children and grandchildren.  Please help her Spread Goodness.